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THE DISC assessment is a psychometric instrument that will measure your natural behaviors, preferences and habits. Team dynamics are essential to the overall success of a team. When you look at any team construct, understanding your colleague’s behavior is very important with respect to the overall goal. This includes a marital team of two, a sports team of 11 or a business team of 500.

Research has shown that successful people share one common trait of being self-aware and authentic. Being able to recognize your strengths will help you achieve the results that you may desire. Further studies show that adaptation is also a key element. Being able to adapt, is to be the right thing – at the right time. A misconception about adaptability is that you must alter who you are at the core, which is simply not true. 

DISC can help Government Agencies, Businesses and Sports Teams Alike

DISC Training Workshop

Our DISC Training Workshop can be delivered in a 1/2-day session or a full day format. Our DISC Training Consultants will customize the DISC Training Workshop based on the length of time, type of organization and the number of people involved. Each participant will receive a 22-page Digital Booklet for the DISC Assessment, a 54-page Digital Booklet for the DISC/Values Assessment and a 74-page Digital Booklet for the DISC/Values/Attributes Assessment.

The DISC, Values and Attributes Assessments vary in cost. Each Digital Booklet will contain a detailed report highlighting your employees’ results. Our DISC Training Consultant’s will interpret the findings in real time and discuss problem solving strategies that fit the organization’s needs. Our consultants will ultimately identify various techniques for your staff that can improve employee relations for greater understanding. 

Our Participants will learn the following during the training:

  • Understand your natural behavioral style.
  • Recognize your colleagues’ behaviors. 
  • Learn how to adapt to your colleagues needs.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate.
  • Learn how to listen more attentively.
  • Observe your surroundings. 
  • Learn how to problem solve.

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