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Sensory Learning Module (SLM) Technology

What is a Sensory Learning Module (SLM)?

The solution to all of your training needs lies within the Sensory Learning Module (SLM). SLM is the Creative Content Development Group’s innovative eLearning and training platform designed to stimulate and activate the three main learning senses: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic to accelerate and enhance a learner’s ability to acquire and maintain information.

Our services include reviewing and developing content or educational curricula in the form of custom interactive eLearning modules for web-based training. SLM technology allows us to deploy responsive content on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device for seamless on-the-go learning styles. We can deploy to iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. With SLM technology, learners can start their learning in the morning on their mobile device and finish at the office or after a bus ride home in the evening for a true synchronized learning experience with their progress completely tracked on each device. With our turn-key solutions, learners can learn the way they want to learn and when they want to learn without limitations by technology. We are committed to change the way a learner learns, when they want to learn, and how they want to learn.

eLearning and mLearning

While eLearning and mLearning (mobile learning) are an integral part of training delivery today, we combine our sound Instructional Design practice, world-class visual design, and expertise in various authoring tools to create interactive eLearning and mLearning experiences. 

Learning content is presented to learners through interactive and social platforms at their time and convenience. The core idea behind eLearning and mLearning is that the learner has the ability to access training content from virtually anywhere – home, school, plane, cafe, on a bus ride, or on the road. 

We understand the learner demographics and design learning accordingly, a mix of traditional and trending, multi-device compatible solutions…we do it all!

ILT/VILT and Blended Learning

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) can make or break learning experiences. We have solutions to help bring learning experiences to life. Our ILTs and VILTs, as well as our blended learning solutions can include a touch of virtual feel, activities, interactivities, scenarios, role-play, and more. We offer an online platform with elements of gamification, microlearning, social learning, performance support tools, videoconferencing, online group interactions, and plenty more to take learning experiences to another level.

Videos and Interactive Video

There’s a reason why more than 200 billion online video views are recorded every year globally. At CCDG, we use the video format extensively to capture and retain learners’ attention. In fact, we make it even better. We provide video-based solutions for both formal and informal training needs.

Studies show that approximately 75% of millennials visit YouTube and other video media platforms monthly. In addition, more people watch videos to learn and acquire information today than ever before; meaning they simply prefer video to other mediums. We can include beautiful, interactive, high-quality video and imagery to enhance your digital technology platform. We also provide videos as standalone learning along with Quick Reference Guides for performance support.  

Migration of Legacy Courses

Technologies have changed and Flash is no longer used as in the past. HTML5 is in! While it is obvious that courses built using Flash are not compatible with mobile devices and there is a need to migrate Legacy courses to HTML5, we help clients with this migration. We also ensure it is done properly. It takes expertise to formulate an effective migration plan and yes, we have it!

Performance Support Tools

What is learning if it doesn’t help learners apply it on the job or in their role at the time of need? CCDG assist learners with Performance Support Tools such as Quick Reference Guides and job-aids that are precisely designed to accommodate at the moment of need and we do it in more ways than one – Mobile Apps, Videos and Interactive Videos, Whiteboard Animation, Kinetic Text Animation, Interactive PDFs, eBooks, and more!


We don’t just localize, we personalize and translate learning across languages. With localization expertise, including voice-over in over 18 global languages, we make sure your learners get what they need to know in their language, irrespective of which part of the world they live.

LMS Expertise

To be able to assess the impact on your training return-on-investment, not only do you need to know that your learners have simplistic and efficient access to the training they need, you also need a robust system in place to supervise and manage your learning programs effectively. From tracking of learner performance or managing your learning programs, with our Learning Management System (LMS) expertise, we make sure all of your training needs are met.


Gamification is emerging as an effective technique to engage learners and has found its place in areas of education and corporate and business training meeting specified learning outcomes.

Gamification is more than just playing games, in fact, sometimes it does not involve playing games at all. It can be defined as the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications.

Some of the benefits of gamification is a better learning experience. The learner can experience “fun” during the game and gain an increase in recall and information retention.

Gamification provides instant feedback so that learners know what they know or what they should know. This too facilitates better learner engagement and thereby better recall and information retention.


Microlearning  allows CCDG to implement an exciting, revolutionary style of learning into the SLM platform, enhancing the information retention of the learner while still engaging the Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic learning senses.

SLM Microlearning takes a very direct approach to reach the learner by focusing on one learning objective at a time, keeping the session to 10-15 minutes; this way, we maintain the learner’s attention while providing the learner exactly what they need to focus on to ensure a higher probability that knowledge is transferred and information retained.

Social Learning

Wikis, chats, likes, comments, direct and instant messaging…are everywhere. Just about everything is going social and social media addicts touch all age groups. Social learning is increasingly finding takers in Learning and Development circles. Thinking of tapping on the power of this collaborative phenomenon and increasing your ROI? We can help you with that and offer approaches to integrate collaborative learning into your learning strategy in multiple ways.

Apps for Learning

If it is anytime, anywhere learning, it must be mobile. Mobile apps are very popular, and CCDG will help your organization make the most out of mobile learning. We develop apps for learning to assists learners with learning the bite-sized way offline or online, and we help integrate learning into their lifestyle.

Building Experiences for Millennials

Millennials will form the majority of the work force in the next few years. They think differently, act differently, and learn differently. They need to be trained differently and whether it’s addressing the challenge of their short attention spans or designing learning in line with their tech-savvy nature, CCDG has innovative solutions in place to embed learning into their active lifestyles.

Learning Portals

Shopping or entertainment, everyone likes a one-stop destination. Why should learning be any different? With our responsive learning portal solutions, we can help you offer one-stop learning letting learners choose to learn what they want to, experience the thrill of Gamification, the ease of bite-sized Microlearning, the collaborative thrust of Social Learning, the relevance of Performance Support, the comfort of personalized learning – all in one place!

Personalized eLearning

Technology has made huge advances in terms of identifying user preferences and making experiences personalized for each learner. Why should learning be any different? We have personalized eLearning solutions to make your learners know that “This one’s made just for me!” and we help learners learn based on their learning styles, usage patterns, and preferences.

Our  Learning Architects and Instructional Designers primarily use Auditory, Visual, and Practical Application (Do It) when developing a Sensory Learning Module (SLM):

  • Auditory Learning: A learning style in which a learner learns through listening. An auditory learner depends on hearing and speaking as a main way of learning.

  • Visual Learning: This style requires that learners first see what they are expected to know. People with this learning style often remember what they read rather than what they hear; and use images, videos, diagrams, and charts to understand ideas and concepts.

  • Kinesthetic Learning: Doing It… A learning style in which learning takes place by the learner through performing physical activities or practical application rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

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